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STL Live: Virginia vs. Army (NCAA Regional Game 1)...Take 2!

Well, yesterday's UVA - Army regional matchup certainly didn't last long, but we at Streaking the Lawn are excited to finally be underway. Follow along with us at Cover It Live, below the jump. We'll have live updates of the proceedings and live fun and chat for those who like fun.

When the game gets back underway, Chris Taylor will be at first base in the bottom of the first. Branden Kline escaped the top of the first inning and is expected to take the mound in the second. Army will stick with their starter, Chris Rowley, as well. With a win, the Hoos will play in the winners bracket game tomorrow at 3 PM (the losers bracket game will proceed it, starting at 11 AM at Davenport Field).

The chat will begin at 1PM. Hit the jump to join in!