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London 2012: For UVa fans, is our favorite Olympics moment yet to come?

Former Virginia swimmer Ed Moses won't be in the London 2012 Olympics, but other Cavaliers will! (Greg Smith-US PRESSWIRE)
Former Virginia swimmer Ed Moses won't be in the London 2012 Olympics, but other Cavaliers will! (Greg Smith-US PRESSWIRE)

The fine folks at Yahoo! Sports had a simple question: What is your favorite Olympic moment?

As a UVa fan, you don't have to think too far back to find a member of the Wahoo family making a splash at the Olympics. In 2000, as a second year student at Virginia, Ed Moses proved to be one of the greatest swimmers in the world, setting short course world records in the 100- and 200-meter breaststroke at the NCAAs. He would go on to qualify for Team USA and make the trip out to Sydney, Australia for the 2000 Olympic Games.

There, he earned a silver medal in 100 breastroke and a gold medal as a member of Team USA's world record-setting 4x100 medley relay.

The story gets better from there though. In 2004, Moses, despite being the favorite in both 100 and 200, became the only person seeded first not to make the team. The two-time Olympic medalist would not be making the trip to Athens. It's truly a testament as to the spirit of the Olympic games, that it's really anybody's time to shine.

That's not how Moses felt about it. Furious, he announced his retirement from the sport and walked away. He turned to golf, where he appeared on Golf Channel's Big Break Disney and was promptly eliminated in the first episode.

In 2010, Moses announced his return to the sport, competing in the London 2012 Olympic trials that are taking place right now. Unfortunately for Wahoo fans, Moses again failed to qualify, after being eliminated in the prelims both of the 100 and 200 breast. For Moses, though, it wasn't about advancing to London. It was about righting a wrong, recognizing that swimming had given him more than he could ever hope for, and that his attitude in 2004 was no way to end a career.

"I wanted to come back on a much, much better note," Moses, who is retiring from the sport once again, said. "You can appreciate it when you get a little older, what you did and what you had when you were younger. I'm walking away way better than I did in ‘04. That part I'm really excited about."

Virginia has a number of 2012 Olympians and Olympic hopefuls. Two-time NCAA Men's Tennis Champion Somdev Devvarman will be representing India. Representing USA Field Hockey are Paige Selenski and Michelle Vittesse. In the pool, rising senior Lauren Perdue qualified just last night for the 4x200 relay team. Her former teammate Matt McLean is an alternate for the 4x200 men's team.

There are a number of other Virginia athletes still competing for a spot on Team USA, so for Cavaliers fans, our favorite Olympic moment may be yet to come.

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