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Mike Scott Preps for Draft, works out with Pacers [VIDEO]

With the NBA Draft just weeks away, kicking off on June 28th at 7PM, Virginia's first true draft prospect since Sean Singletary is hard at work. Mike Scott currently projects as as second round pick, as he was pegged going 8th in that round by and 26th by DraftExpress.

Big Mike spent part of his weekend working out for the Indiana Pacers. A hat tip to @wahoosrule1 who brought the video below to our attention after it was tweeted out by the Pacers' Twitter account.

Mike Scott D's up against other draft competition, doing a nice job of helping on a slashing guard, then switching back to his man, St. Bonaventure's Andrew Nicholson, to force an awkward pass from under the hoop. (If only Mike's teammates could rebound like he could...) Scott had some tough competition to work with in this morning's workout, as Kansas's Tyshawn Taylor, Iowa's Royce White, Michigan State's Draymond Green, Iona's Scott Machado, and Nicholson are the other prospects on the court.

Hey Pacers, let's see some more footage of what Mike Scott did out there! Here, Larry Bird looks on in awe at the Virginia star.