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Former Virginia forward Mike Scott makes starting debut for Atlanta Hawks in NBA Summer League

Former Virginia big man Mike Scott got his first taste of the big leagues last night, as Atlanta dispatched the Wizards 102-82. The former standout started for the Hawks and led the team with 27:04 minutes of playing time.

According to reports, it wasn't the best outing for Scott. Here's what SB Nation's Atlanta Hawks site, Peachtree Hoops, had to say:

Second rounder Mike Scott struggled somewhat, shooting 3-8 with six rebounds and five turnovers. Often, though, he appeared to be playing the three which would be a little too far out for him, it looks like offensively.

Scott finished with seven points and two steals. His six rebounds were also a team-high.

Hawks fans, though, don't seem too concerned yet that one of their draft picks wasn't an immediate standout. One commenter wrote, "Scott’s turnover were the bobbling the ball variety. as he gets used to the PGs his TOs will go down." Watch video highlights of ALL THREE of Mike Scott's buckets over at the Newsplex.

We'll keep you posted throughout the summer on Scott's performance, and will certainly stay on the ball if, when, he makes the team.