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2012 London Olympics: Updated Virginia Rosters

2012 Olympic Games - Hoos in London
2012 Olympic Games - Hoos in London

Since our initial story last Monday, we've gotten some updated information on past, current, and future Virginia Cavaliers headed to London to compete in the 2012 Olympic Games. When we first reported, there were ten Cavaliers competing, but the tally is now up to 13 (two of which are alternates) -- tied for the most that any ACC school is sending.

Here was our original list of athletes:

  • Lauren Perdue, USA, Swimming, 4x200 Freestyle Relay
  • Matt McLean, USA, Swimming, 4x200 Freestyle Relay
  • Paige Selenski, USA, Field Hockey
  • Michelle Vittese, USA, Field Hockey
  • Becky Saurbrunn, USA, Soccer
  • Will Coleman, USA, Equestrian
  • Somdev Devvarman, India, Tennis
  • Katya Bachrouche, Lebanon, Swimming, 800 Freestyle
  • David Karasek, Switzerland, Swimming, 200 Individual Medley
  • Yannick Kaeser, Switzerland, Swimming, 200 Breaststroke

And now, here are the additional three athletes to be added:

  • Inge Janssen, Netherlands, Women's Rowing
  • Lori Lindsay, USA, Soccer (Alternate)
  • Scot Robison, USA, 400 Freestyle Relay (Alternate)

With 13, Florida State still leads the pack for the most number of athletes who have secured their spot in competition. Including alternates, Virginia and North Carolina are also sending 13 each to London. Virginia Tech is sending two, both representing Slovakia.