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Lauren Perdue, Matt McLean, and Team USA Swimming Perform "Call Me Maybe"

2012 Olympic Games - Hoos in London
2012 Olympic Games - Hoos in London

Many of you may have already seen this video, which went viral the second it was released. It gives you a look at the men and women of Team USA swimming just kickin' it and having a good time to Call Me Maybe. Lauren Perdue ('13) is prominent throughout the video, while Matt McLean ('11) makes an appearance early on.

And yes, ladies. Ryan Lochte is in the video as well, and wants to blow you a kiss.

After watching this video, I'm fairly positive that just about anybody can dance well when they're underwater. Which means it's time to completely switch up my workout routine.

The University of Virginia is represented in London by 11 Olympians and two alternates. These athletes wear the colors of five different countries, including the United States (6), Switzerland, India, the Netherlands and Lebanon. Streaking the Lawn will keep you posted throughout the 2012 Olympic Games on how each of these past, present, and future UVA athletes perform.