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August 16 Rotunda Roundup: Logan Thomas hates Virginia Tech...'s helmet

Everybody is Getting a New Pair of Everything | College Crosse
College Crosse says they're surprised that this "facilities race" with new practice facilities, etc. is happening so quickly, but has it really happened quickly? And isn't this all part of "growing the game," which the lacrosse folks always seem to be touting?

Logan Thomas Is Not Pleased With Virginia Tech's 'Bird Feet' Helmets | SB Nation DC
It's like they're not even trying anymore in Blacksburg. "Anything you can do I can do better" -- Virginia Tech, to Maryland.

UVa DE Ausar Walcott looking like Cam Johnson | ACC Blog - ESPN
Many ACC fans are familiar with former UVa defensive end Cam Johnson, who was drafted in the seventh round by San Francisco in April. The name Ausar Walcott, though, might not be as familiar to those outside Charlottesville. That could change this fall, as Walcott has played his way into the same company as Johnson this summer.

Virginia Cavaliers Football: The History and Tradition of Scott Stadium | Yahoo! Sports
In-Game Traditions: Among the many reasons Scott Stadium is a unique place to watch a football game, another pair of traditions earn particular attention. One is the scene in the stands, where coats and ties for the men and pearls and sundresses for the women make an appearance. Once a commonplace sight at games, particularly throughout the South, U.Va.'s dress code has faded but not disappeared.

Former UVa pitcher Tyler Wilson dreams big | News
Tyler Wilson is a promising young pitcher in the Orioles system, but if being a baseball player doesn't work out, he has alternatives.