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August 17 Rotunda Roundup: More "Call Me Maybe" with USA Swimming, Whitey goes French, and Nick VanderLaan?

Week 3 is revenge week against Virginia - From The Rumble Seat
There are lots of fun things in this preview of UVA from our friends at FTRS, including calling the weekend they lost to Virginia "a low point in 2011." Also, "The Cavaliers are a good team." And "I wish our school were everything UVA is." Okay, I made the last one up.

French broadcast team captures Cavalier hoops fans' attention | Cavalier Insider
This is why Whitey Reid over at the Daily Progress is so awesome. Earlier this week, Nicolas Migerel and Francois Pagnard had Virginia basketball fans hanging on their every word. The one problem for Wahoo Nation? Many of the words were in French. Whitey has the interview.

Vote for the South's Best Tailgate | Southern Living
Southern Living picked the Top 20 schools with the best tailgates, and UVa made the cut! Now, cast your vote and and enter for a chance to win $2,500!

My list of the most memorable dunks in NCAA history | ESPN
Former UVA (and Cal and Concordia) player Nick VanderLaan makes an appearance on this list of all-time college dunks...on the wrong side.

Carly Rae Jepsen Reacts To U.S. Olympic Swim Team’s Call Me Maybe Video
Carly Rae Jepsen has seen the U.S. Olympic Swim Team’s video for her song, "Call Me Maybe" (which had UVa swimmer Lauren Perdue all up in it), and her verdict is in.