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Recruiting: Wyatt Teller chooses Virginia Tech over UVA

In every recruiting cycle for any school, there are a few guys you get that you didn't think you could. Last year, Eli Harold would have been an example of this. There are also a few players that you think you have a great shot to land at one point during the recruiting cycle, but something changes and they end up elsewhere. Well, now Virginia fans can file defensive end Wyatt Teller in that second category. The 4-star standout from Bealeton chose Virginia Tech over the Cavaliers Friday afternoon, ending what has been one of the strangest courtships in recent Virginia football memory.

At one point earlier in the summer, Teller seemed likely headed for Charlottesville. He visited Grounds a bunch of times, many more times than he visited Blacksburg in fact. Most recruiting gurus thought it would come down to the two in-state foes, as it ultimately did. Teller seemed to really be buying what Coach London and the staff were selling, and obviously he enjoyed his visits to Charlottesville enough to keep coming back.

So what changed? Maybe not much at all. Teller reportedly grew up a Virginia Tech fan, and it's got to be hard to not want to play for the school you grew up rooting for your whole life. He also has some pro-Virginia Tech influences around him, as the Hokies have recruited well there in recent years. And even though Charlottesville is closer to home than Blacksburg, the trip to Tech isn't THAT far that it can't be overcome, for most prospects anyway.

Overall, losing Teller is a significant blow to Virginia's 2013 recruiting efforts, and losing him to the Hokies doesn't make it any better. But things aren't all bad for Virginia at this point. UVA's top 2013 target Taquan "Smoke" Mizzell will make his college announcement on Tuesday, and almost everyone expects that one to go in Virginia's favor. Mizzell is also close with a bunch of blue-chip 2014 prospects that are already high on UVA. So Mizzell's commitment could pay huge dividends for Virginia's recruiting efforts down the road. Plus, the Virginia staff put forth a great effort to land Wyatt Teller, as they were able to get him on Grounds quite a bit, and maybe make him rethink his Hokie leanings. Although losing on Teller could prove tough for Virginia fans to swallow today, good news is coming, and Virginia fans shouldn't wring their hands too much.