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Virginia Football GAME WEEK: RSVP for the STL Tailgate!

9/1 Tailgate Banner
9/1 Tailgate Banner

Happy Game Week, everybody! Our long annual pilgrimage through the offseason desert is drawing to a close, and while the Olympics helped us through these difficult times, the end is near. We shall survive.

Let us rejoice. Let us be merry.

Let us RSVP for the STL Opening Kickoff Tailgate, presented by St. Maarten Cafe! We'll have deliciously Maarten's-catered food, including various flavors of wings, chicken tenders, spinach artichoke and so much more. There will be beverages of all varieties, so come thirsty. We'll also have the morning games on TV as well as cornhole entertainment for all.

The Virginia-Richmond game kicks off at 3:00 p.m., and the tailgate will officially start at 11:00, though we'll be there before to set up.

To help us out with the head count, do us a favor and RSVP today. All the instructions you need are right here. Look out for the big Streaking The Lawn banner and the group of ridiculously good looking people having a real good time.

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