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Filed under:'s College Football Pick'em Contest!

It's finally GAME WEEK here in Charlottesville and across the country, which means that Saturday chores won't stand a chance at being completed until... after January 1, 2013, when we win the Orange Bowl. We here at Streaking the Lawn are committed to making sure you get not just great UVA sports coverage, but also the chance at milking tons of free stuff out of us. You already know about the free Streaking the Lawn Tailgate presented by St. Maarten Cafe (which is going to be AWESOME), but we're also excited to announce the Streaking the Lawn College Football Pick'em Contest!

You can win weekly prizes of $10 gift certificates or a grand prize of a $50 gift certificate!

The rules are simple:

  1. Click here to join a group on ESPN's College Pick'em site. The Group is "Streaking The Lawn" and the password is "scottstadium".
  2. VERY IMPORTANT: ESPN does not allow us to see your email address. So after you register, please return to this site and leave a comment to this post (or email us) with the name of your entry. If you are a winner, we will use the email address you used when you signed up with SB Nation.
  3. Each week, pick who you think will win each of the 10 games presented there, and rank them based on how confident you are. A "10" means that you're very confident, and you'll get 10 points if you're right. A "1" means you're not very confident, and you'll get one point if you're right.
  4. The winner of each week, as determined by the ESPN rules, will be awarded a $10 gift certificate to Gameday Depot. There is also an overall grand prize of a $50 gift certificate to the one who is truly elite.
  5. Participants can only win one weekly prize in any 30 day window, and you can only have one entry (whether on this site or on any other SB Nation site). Having more than one entry may result in a permanent ban from the internet, but at the very least, will disqualify you from winning any prizes.
  6. Here are the official Streaking The Lawn College Pick'em Rules.

Thanks to Gameday Depot for providing these great prizes!