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The Solid Verbal Streaming LIVE: Hilarious gifs of college football to follow

Every week, Ty and Dan of The Solid Verbal will broadcast LIVE out of SB Nation studios during that strange dead time between the awesome 3:30 games (Go HOOS) and the 8:00 games on Saturday. If you haven't listened to their podcast before, you're definitely missing out! They'll have all of your college football covered, including awesome guests and non-obnoxious social media stuff.

Specifically, in Dan Rubenstein's words, "We plan on adding visual elements by using pictures, GIFs, occasional in-studio guests, and extraordinarily short clips that will (hopefully) both further our weird conversations without getting us into trouble legally."

The action starts around 7:00ish, or whenever the 3:30 games (Go HOOS...yes, I'm contractually obligated to say that every time I mention 3:30 games (Go HOOS) (see what I did there?)) end. It's LIVE so if you tweet some cool stuff at them (@DanRubenstein) then you might get a shoutout or something cool like that.