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9/19 Rotunda Roundup: Hey, thanks, Chris Long and other TCU business

Since I made fun of the Redskins, here is a picture of Chris Long embracing RGIII, to cheer you guys up.
Since I made fun of the Redskins, here is a picture of Chris Long embracing RGIII, to cheer you guys up.

Another week of delinquency for us here at the Roundup, so let's not waste any time.

Long Donates $300,000 to practice facility | Cavalier Daily
Chris Long, current St. Louis Rams defensive end and former Wahoo, contributed a significant gift to the developing state-of-the-art facility. We will be kicking in the last couple million as soon as Brian (Leung) moves some monies around.

Ram's Chris Long Taunts Redskins After Josh Morgan Mistake |
More Chris Long stuff - sorry Redskins fans, but the image of Wahoo Chris Long telling Hokie Josh Morgan to use his head was too good not to include. I include this mainly because of the video embedded, not because of the article's point, that he should have been flagged, since that is absurdly dumb.

Are Teams Intentionally Ripping Off Helmets? | ESPN
If you saw the game last week, and I hope you didn't, you noticed Georgia Tech QB Tevin Washington's helmet popped off on a comical number of occasions, resulting in him missing a play each time under the NCAA's new rules. Though I joked about this being a genius strategy by Mike London, it seems as though Washington and coach Paul Johnson actually initially accused the Hoos of ripping off his helmet, before realizing that was ridiculous. Strap it up, Tevin!

Week 4 Upset Watch | ESPN
Woohoo, Heather Dinich put TCU on "Upset Watch" against the Hoos! The only problems are that Dinich tends to put all higher-ranked teams playing against ACC squads on upset watch and that Heather Dinich wrote the article...but we appreciate it!

TCU's top rusher James questionable | Bradenton Herald
Virginia seems to have had some recent luck on opposing teams' injuries. Maybe this time we will take advantage? Waymon James will be a game-time decision on Saturday.