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SB Nation United is Coming: Help Wanted!

Last week, we revealed to you this really cool lookin' logo and told you it's just the beginning. Now we'll show you a little more.
Last week, we revealed to you this really cool lookin' logo and told you it's just the beginning. Now we'll show you a little more.

Good afternoon, everyone. I hope you take the time to read this, because there's some really cool stuff here.

We interrupt our regular coverage to bring you some administrative news. You may have heard throughout this week from some of the other SB Nation network sites that change is in the air. Coming VERY SOON to a computer near you is a website that you won't even recognize as being Streaking The Lawn. It's called SB Nation United, and it's almost here.

For three years now, Streaking The Lawn has existed as a blog in the most traditional sense. It started off as a guy (me) with a computer. It grew into a couple guys, and before you knew it, we had a small team of writers dedicated to bringing you -- the readers, the community -- coverage on Virginia football, Virginia basketball, and just about all the other Virginia sports you could handle.

That part hasn't changed.

What is changing, though, is that we're about to undergo an entirely new layout change that's going to rock your world. We're not just talking about a logo change, a reshuffling of where things are, and maybe a color scheme change. We're talking about a vibrant, living website that will give you tons of organized information without the clutter, and without the concept that articles get published from the top of the screen to the bottom, and after two or three days, it's outdated and gets lost somewhere in the ether. We're talking about updates that are connected with articles on the same subject, and that are organized in a timeline that makes it easy for you to find what you need fast. We're talking about Internet 2.0. (Last sentence an exaggeration.)

And as a part of this change -- screenshots follow the jump -- we'd like to invite some new writers to join us. If you're previously a Cav Daily sports writer, if you're someone who's interested in sports media, or if you're just someone who has a hankerin' for some writing and follow Virginia sports, we're interested in talking to you.

More on the open Streaking The Lawn positions, as well as screenshots of SB Nation United, follow the jump.

For those of you who regularly read and follow the site, you'll know that we give tons of coverage to football and men's basketball, but also provide a heavy emphasis on the Olympic sports as well. We're looking for people to fill a number of open positions, including X's and O's for football, men's lacrosse, men's soccer, women's basketball, and well, really all the non-revenue sports aside from baseball and volleyball. We're very flexible with the coverage, so by no means will you be boxed into just one sport if you're interested in dabbling in the others.

Are you someone who reads UVA sports news articles and blogs all day every day? We're looking for someone to take care of the daily Rotunda Roundup. We've got some really nifty tools to make it incredibly easy - if you're already reading news and blogs, it will literally take you under five minutes a day to pull the post together.

If you're interested in these unpaid positions, please email me at with some details as to what you're interested in covering and how many posts per week you're able to cover. We are looking to add anywhere from 2-4 writers. Many SB Nation writers have gone on to various roles in sports media. One MLS writer, for example, was offered a permanent position as the team's beat writer, traveling with and receiving exclusive access to the team. So whether you're interested in this as a profession or just as a hobby, there's a home for you here.

Okay, now back to United. Aside from a sweet new look, what are the benefits of this massive overhaul?

  • Faster load times. SB Nation sites will no longer eat up your memory as the sites will load faster and run better. You will be able to get the content you want faster.
  • Flexible, modern layout. This may be the most exciting part. As you will see shortly, we will be able to adjust the front page to make sure we are highlighting the content that needs to be up top. This will be huge - and will help the frustration many of you have with articles getting pushed down the page so fast.
  • Seamless transition across mobile devices. Another important aspect of United is to keep the feel of the site, whether you are on a computer, a tablet, or a phone. No matter where you are, the experience will not change.
  • FanPosts, FanShots, and Game Threads. United will not take away or change any of the community elements. You will still be able to bring us your thoughts, that video you found, or join in the celebration in the Game Thread.

Now, on to the super cool screenshots of what United will look like!

One cover option:

Another cover option:

Here's the full site:

Mobile looks great too:

And lastly, we haven't forgotten tablets: