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September 24th Rotunda Roundup: At least we'll be looking better than La Tech

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Louisiana Tech grabs impressive Big Ten road win | Shreveport Times

The Louisiana Tech Bulldogs aren't one of your household college football names, but they have been impressive. They pummeled Illinois on the road, 52-24, and have scored 50+ points against each of their first three opponents.

Louisiana Tech Offensive Linemen WiggleWiggleWiggleWiggleWiggle | Yahoo Sports

In case you wanted to get to know the Bulldogs a bit is the offensive line dancing to "Sexy And I Know it." See, they're not so tough!

Virginia Goes Cool and Retro for La Tech | Lost Letterman

Win or lose, we'll be looking good this weekend. Virginia will be wearing throwback jerseys that are ultra-sleek and super-classy. The uniform harkens back to the 1968 roster, including Frank Quayle, who will be honored at halftime. How can anyone not like these? (Right?)

Small missteps blamed for big loss | Cavalier Insider

This is an apt headline and article from the Daily Progress on UVA's 27-7 loss at TCU. The Hoos didn't look terrible, but did way too many of the little things wrong to grab an upset on the road.

UNC-CH sends Tami Hansbrough records to NCAA | Charlotte Observer

The sun rose this morning, and our friends over at UNC continue to do lots of sketchy stuff.