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Rocco to Start Again? Why?

Mike London says that Michael Rocco is going to start again this week, despite struggling so far this season. We think it's time for Phillip Sims to get a shot.

Ronald Martinez - Getty Images

So the depth chart was released for this weeks' game against Louisiana Tech, and the starting QB is...Michael Rocco. The same guy who has thrown 5 interceptions and 4 TDs this year. The same guy who hasn't led the offense to a score in his last 15 drives.

Yes, you read that correctly, 15 drives. Since scoring a TD on the 3rd drive against Georgia Tech, with over 6 minutes left in the first quarter, Rocco hasn't been on a field for a single UVA point. Those 15 drives have accounted for an average of about 5 plays and 20 yards each. They also include 4 interceptions and a fumble (the fumble was, by no means, Michael Rocco's fault).

Obviously, not all of it is Rocco's fault. Arguably, most of it isn't. But ultimately, offensive struggles are blamed on the QB. I imagine Rocco would be the first to agree with that.

There are two different schools of thought here. Louisiana Tech's defense is pretty bad. So maybe Rocco can use this game to fix whatever's broken and back into the rhythm he was in last year. But then again, maybe this is the game for Phillip Sims to get comfortable playing in this offense against a real defense trying to stop him.

The main argument against Sims is that he doesn't know the offense. But Rocco's knowledge of the offense hasn't helped very much, has it? We certainly wouldn't be the first team to use a simplified offense for an inexperienced QB. Perhaps simplifying the offense would be a good thing.

I've made my opinion clear. I think it is time for Sims to get a shot. I can't say for sure that Sims would be better than Rocco. Nobody knows. But what we do know is that something needs to change. May as well start at the top.