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2013 Virginia Basketball: Streaking The Lawn's Midnight Madness Scheduled for October 30

The virtual pep rally kicks off tonight at midnight, so go ahead and plan for a nap today.

Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

With Virginia Basketball ready to tip off in just ten days, Streaking The Lawn is providing you with hoops coverage in a way no one else will. Back as late as the early 2000s, the University celebrated the coming of basketball season with a massive pep rally at U Hall, complete with cheerleaders, highlights reels, contests, and general fanfare with the players and coaches. Though this has since been dropped, your staff here at Streaking The Lawn is so hyped for this upcoming season, that we found no other alternative than to bring it back in virtual form.

Over the course of 24 hours, beginning tonight at midnight, we've got over 60 articles teed up for your consumption. It's going to give you insight as to each new and returning Virginia basketball player, analysis of each ACC and out of conference opponent, Q&As with bloggers of other teams, and so much more.

Did we mention prizes?

Stay with us all day long, because we'll have be giving away Streaking The Lawn t-shirts, basketball tickets, and even an autographed team poster!

You won't want to miss this unique online event where you'll be able to spend an entire day chatting Virginia Basketball with your fellow STL staff and readers and get all the greatest insights into the 2013-2014 Virginia Cavaliers!