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HooTube Tuesdays: UVa Cross Country Getting Work In

Happy new year, everyone! We're going to start a new weekly feature here on STL called HooTube Tuesdays, where every Tuesday we'll post up a video that hopefully you haven't seen yet to get you hyped for Virginia Athletics! Maybe it's a year-old video, maybe it was just uploaded, but either way, we hope you'll enjoy this new series.

We're starting off the series and the new year with something special for the ladies. This video was shot by ACC Freshman of the Year Connor Rog from a UVa Men's Cross Country Team workout earlier this fall. I got tired just watching them run, which is probably more a testament to my general health and well-being than it is to their ability to put one foot in front of the other for extended periods of time.

Don't ever say we're a completely guy-centric site -- today we bring you: The Men of Virginia Cross Country. Enjoy!