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HooTube Tuesdays: UVA Lacrosse Strings and Equipment Room

Today's HooTube Tuesday turns to Virginia Lacrosse. Stylin Strings, makers of UVA lacrosse pocket stringing and custom dyes, took a visit to Charlottesville recently, where they modeled their fine work around grounds, including at the Rotunda, Scott Stadium, and of course, Klockner.

It's a fun video to watch even if you're not into lacrosse -- not only do you get to witness someone losing their Gusburger cherry (including a shot of owner Dmitri with a UVA lacrosse stick), but you also get a pretty cool look at the UVA equipment room and apparently some super magic stuff where you press buttons and shelves just move around. You also get a look at Coach Dom Starsia's office and the team locker room. You can see all the various championship trophies and honors the program's earned over the years. Oh, and you can also geek out over some lax strings too.

The Cavaliers' lacrosse season kicks off in under a month, on February 16 in Charlottesville against Drexel at 1:00 p.m.