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HooTube Tuesdays: 1995 Virginia Cavaliers upset Florida State Seminoles

The second installment of our new HooTube Tuesdays feature showcases Virginia's goal-line stop to pull off 33-28 upset victory over then-undefeated No. 2 Florida State. When I say undefeated, I don't just mean their 7-0 record that season. I also mean their four-year, 29-game win streak in the ACC, as the Hoos delivered FSU their first conference loss since joining in 1992. It was also the first Thursday night game ever hosted in Charlottesville.

FSU and UVA would both finish 7-1 that season for a share of the ACC Championship. ESPN, when celebrating their 10 year anniversary back in 2005, named this game the No. 81 greatest game during their existence. George Welsh would go on to win ACC Coach of the Year that year - his fourth and last time winning the award.

Steve Yanda of the Washington Post also wrote a great piece just two years ago on the significance of the game.

Enjoy the video!