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.gif Preview: Georgia Tech

Cavaliers lost again last week and get to face the triple option attack of the Ramblin Wreck this week. How will UVa mess it up this time? Let's find out!

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Ladies and gentlemen, I don't know what to say anymore. So, let's not focus on the past, but look to the future, where UVa gets to play three top 15 ranked teams in their last five games, and won't be a favorite the rest of the season! (The good news is recruits still want to come and I have not figured out why.)

This week the Hoos welcome Georgia Tech to Scott Stadium. They were able to pull off the upset two years ago against the Yellow Jackets, so maybe they'll be able to pull it off again this year? LOL, no, they don't stand a prayer.

Georgia Tech takes the ball off the kick and proceeds to score on its third option from the line of scrimmage and all hell breaks loose.



David Watford and the offense then get the ball on their own 35 to start their first drive of the game. Luckily, after two first downs, thanks to Jake McGee catches, the offense stalls and punts it away. The defense holds on for a while and Georgia Tech waits til their seventh play of the drive to score on a 38 yard run.



At the half the Cavaliers trail 21-3 and don't look like they're going to have a miraculous Duke-like comeback in them.

Coming out of the half, Watford throws a pick-six, after trying to force it into triple coverage on Jake McGee (can't blame him, McGee is the only one who catches the ball regularly). The Cavalier faithful stream out of Scott knowing that this certainly isn't our year.



In the end the Cavaliers fall to 2-8, or 2-9, I don't even know anymore because I've lost count. Point is, they lose. In his postgame presser, Coach London tells the media that he didn't have his players ready, that he needs to do a better job coaching, and that next week they're going to come out fired up and ready to take on the visiting Clemson Tigers.



So, the future is really bright for the rest of the season with the Top-10 ranked Tigers coming to town next week. Feel good Cavalier fans, things are looking up!







Though, there is some good news! As I write this, only TWO MORE WEEKS TIL BASKETBALL SEASON!