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Virginia Football Recruiting Snapshot

This week we check in on six recruits, Did UVA lose ground to Pitt on a four star target at wide receiver? Meanwhile, Derrick Nnadi continues to dominate games from the interior. And could there be a UVA hoops visitor this weekend?

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

After Saturday's loss and general offensive disaster, one prospect came to mind -- Jamil Kamara. It's been no secret throughout his recruiting process that, along with UVA, Pitt was a favorite, and after a performance like Saturday's, you have to hope the prospect pays more attention to the opportunity to play early, rather than the loss itself.

Kamara should be a huge priority for this class, if he wasn't already before. The wide receiver position is struggling as a whole, and Kamara is the type of player who has a college-ready physique now. If he can show that his route running is at least at par, he could come in and immediately challenge for playing time. He has played the position for a while, so unlike some other players who make the switch from quarterback to wide out, he has the natural ability as a pass catcher. Kamara was once someone I wanted in Charlottesville, but I didn't call him a "must have." After these first few games, he should be the one of the top targets on Virginia's board.

-Derrick Nnadi wowed people Friday night against Bayside. One person at the game texted me that he "is the most dominant interior player I've ever seen at the high school level." Nnadi is a guy who is stout against the run, but apparently he's found some explosiveness to go with all that power. I saw Nnadi in person once last season, and he looked great then, so I can only imagine what another year in the weight room has done for his game. I will post some rankings in the upcoming weeks, but as a sneak peek I will let you know Nnadi is my number 2 player in the state behind only Blanding.

-Jeffrey Farrar recently tweeted:

He is a Athlete commit slotted to play a position of need, wide receiver.

-Quin Blanding was a one man show for Bayside. Whereas Nnadi looked impressive, Blanding looked special. He is a huge get for UVA, and I can't stress enough the impact he can have for for the team. He is the total package at Safety. A guy who is fast and athletic enough to cover, but big and strong enough to play in run support. His biggest attribute is his ball skills, he finds ways to generate turnovers. That's huge for a defense, but even more so for an offense that struggles. It helps generate more possessions, or more opportunities to go three and out. (I kid, I kid.)

-Steven Moss had three tackles in his team's first win of the season against Millbrook, according to Max Preps. At 6'5" 280lbs Steven provides a big body for UVA. He will come in very raw technique-wise, but will have college-level strength right away. Chancellor has a reputation around the state for always producing road grade offensive lineman who are powerful kids. I have seen Steven in person once and feel he is best suited for guard in college.

-Nate Mason is the hot name in UVA hoops recruiting circles. According to his twitter feed @NateMason_2 he is scheduled to visit campus this weekend. Mason is a smaller guard, who's able to create his own shot with his ball handling and quick release. He would fit nicely in UVA's backcourt.

Check back later in the week for a new series I will be doing titled "HOOS More Important?". Where I compare the impact of two targets and you let me know who you feel is more important.