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Virginia Cavaliers Basketball Player Profiles: Malcolm Brogdon

After missing all of last season, Brogdon is back healthy and ready to wow the Wahoo faithful.

Brogdon is back, but no, he's not bringing Mike Scott with him.
Brogdon is back, but no, he's not bringing Mike Scott with him.

Back in 2011, a fresh-faced basketball player out of Norcross, GA, showed up on Grounds ready to play ball. He was an impact immediately in the lineup in the guard position.

Brogdon played in 28 games for the Cavaliers before breaking his foot, averaging 6.7 points, 2.8 rebounds, and 1.4 assists per game. He also shot 80% (40-50) from the charity stripe, an impressive feat for a first year in the tough ACC.

The foot injury was a big blow to the program, and Coach Bennett and the training staff decided to red shirt Malcolm all of last season to ensure full recovery. Now he's healthy, but honestly, he is now as much of a mystery to me as transfer Anthony Gill. Sure, I remember watching Brogdon play and being impressed, but it seems so long ago. Check out these highlights from Virginia upsetting #14 Michigan in the 2011 ACC/Big10 Challenge. Gets me pretty excited.

Another aspect that makes me optimistic for Brogdon to take the court again is the apparent bond he has built with Gill over the last year when they were both unable to play in games but helped the team in practice. Hopefully, that connection will pay massive dividends on the court.

Point guard play is a major question mark for the Cavaliers this season, and one of the few question marks around the program. Losing Jontel Evans was surely a defensive drop, but the scoring threat that Brogdon possesses can only mean good things for the Wahoos. His ability to drive and either a) score b) pass or c) draw the foul and convert from the line will torment opposing defenses and take the pressure off the likes of Joe Harris (#swoon).

The Stats:

Position: Guard

Height: 6-5

Weight: 217

Best Performance Last Season Two Seasons Ago: vs. Michigan (16 points)

Twitter: None!