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Hoo Got Holiday Swag? Show Us Your New Cavalier Gear!

Did you get some UVA-themed gifts this year? Show us your new swag!

Joe Robbins

For the first time in my rapidly-failing memory, I did not receive any UVA gear or paraphernalia this Christmas. It's probably a sign that I'm starting to mature, because at some point, we should be graduating from college, right?

But I'm willing to bet that some of you got some really awesome Virginia swag this year, and we want to see them. Post a picture of your new gear in the comments here, share them with us on Facebook, or tweet at us @TheUVAFool. We'll post what we can on this thread. Remember, by sharing a picture with us, you're consenting to our use of the picture on this website. My lawyer made me say that, and now none of you can sue us.

Will did not consent to my use of this picture, but I'm sure he's happy to boast post this to the world anyway. So here we go, to kick off this thread: