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Keep Calm and Streak the Lawn: OFFICIAL STL TSHIRTS!

Oh, dude, that looks sick! (We promise it won't be blurry when you buy it.)

It's finally here, y'all! The very first official t-shirts are here for your enjoyment...just in time, too, as the pressure mounts for the Hoos to put together a strong finish to the basketball regular season!

As an added bonus (for us, but also for you in a very karma kind of way), every shirt you purchase kicks a little back to us so that we can continue to do things like tailgates and contests throughout the year.

Here's how it looks:



Above the word "Keep" is a picture of our beloved Rotunda, the place to begin your mad dash of an exhibition journey. On the back is the STL logo with the website address underneath.

Alright, and just like any good infomercial... BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE! For a limited time only, purchase at least 200 shirts and receive a 15% discount instantly! This is no joke, folks.

Click here to buy a shirt today (or 200, if you are so inclined).