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Cavaliers Host Bucknell and Harvard

The undefeated Cavaliers look to stay that way this weekend when they play host to Harvard and Bucknell; two teams that will be very overmatched teams when they step on the field against the Hoos.

Another week and another win in the books for the baseball team. They took down George Washington on Wednesday in a game that should not have been close from the beginning. It took a few innings, but they eventually exploded for eleven runs. Not surprisingly, the pitchers held yet another team scoreless to earn their third shutout. The starting pitchers are on a bit of a heater as well having thrown 34.1 scoreless innings dating back to Scott Silverstein's start two weeks ago against East Carolina.

Historically, Bucknell has been owned by the Cavaliers who have been owned by the Crimson. That wasn't a typo, Harvard is 17-4-5 all time against UVa. Don't worry Hoo fans, the two teams haven't played since 1965 which means Harvard doesn't know what a Brian O'Connor team or Davenport Field looks like; rest easy. As for Bucknell, Coach O'Connor hasn't lost to the Bison in his time in Charlottesville. The two teams last played in 2009 with UVa winning all four games (I think I might have even played in that series!!!!!).

This week should be more easy cruising vs. the Bison and Crimson. This will be Harvard's opening weekend and Bucknell(0-6) didn't sniff a win against Duke or Richmond in their six games on the season. I am going to go ahead and say that if the Cavaliers lose any of the four games this weekend Coach O'Connor should(probably will) run them into the ground. This could be an ugly weekend.

Normally I would preview what the other team has, but I don't see that as being necessary this weekend. Baseball America did not preview Harvard at all in their college preview and barely touched on Bucknell, predicting them to finish in fourth in the six team Patriot League. If they had a win on the season perhaps I would think differently, but they don't, so I won't.

What I do think is important is how this Cavalier team looks on the field. If they come out uninspired and let either of these teams play around I am going to have a bit of a problem. That isn't to say that a game could be close, any team could have a down game playing, but if they look like they don't care while in the field or in the dugout, then I am guessing Oak is not going to be happy.

With the tournament committee looking at non-conference schedule so much these days, the Cavaliers can't have a let down game on a weekend at home. Their non-conference schedule is rated 239th overall by Boyd's World (a college baseball stat site) which means one or two losses to subpar teams could mean trouble.

In all, it should be a lot like last weekend. First few innings could be uninspiring and a lack of runs could be scored, but the ship will be righted and runs will be put on the board. Hoos go 4-0 and end up being 12-0 entering next week.