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April 10 Rotunda Roundup - Virginia Passes Wunderlich Test, Gains Nation's Top Kicker

Whenever you can get a top overall player at a position, it's reason to jump for joy. Yes, even when it's a kicker. We explore the commitment of Gary Wunderlich, take a look at where the basketball team stands for next season, and much more in today's Rotunda Roundup.

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Justin Anderson and the Cavaliers hope to take the next step in the 2013-2014 season.
Justin Anderson and the Cavaliers hope to take the next step in the 2013-2014 season.
USA TODAY Sports - Wunderlich Commits To Virginia
The term "secret weapon" is thrown around a lot. But UVA might have landed a legitimate X-factor by landing the nation's #1 rated kicker and punter. Bombs away.

Forecasting the NCAA basketball top 25 in 2013-14
Is it ever to too early to start looking at next year's college basketball season? Don't answer that question. Virginia is projected by many to be a top 25 team next year, and USA Today regards them highly in its rankings.

Ground Ball Notebook: Duke Prepares for Virginia - Duke University Blue Devils | Official Athletics Site -
This is starting to feel like a common occurrence. Another day, another do-or-die game for the Virginia lacrosse team. This time, they'll take on Duke, who has also seen its fair share of ups and downs this year.

Virginia's quarterback race extending beyond spring practice -
Not that we need any website to tell us that Virginia has a serious predicament at quarterback this year, CBS Sports gives its two cents on the matter behind center for the Hoos. Seriously, just flip a coin. It doesn't need to be this hard!

Virginia Hosts Doubleheader Against Delaware State Wednesday - VIRGINIASPORTS.COM - The University of Virginia Official Athletic Site
While the softball team isn't seeing the same success as the baseball team this spring, there is still reason to check out this team during its doubleheader in Charlottesville on Wednesday. Pitcher Melanie Mitchell has had one of the most prestigious careers in the Cavalier uniform, and certainly deserves the attention she has earned over four years.