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C'ville Bar Madness 2013: Nominate your favorite bars!

C'ville Bar Madness
C'ville Bar Madness

NCAA March Madness is over, which means that C'ville Bar Madness is HERE! In the inaugural tournament last year, seventh-seeded St. Maarten Cafe was crowned King of the 'Ville, taking down the top-seeded behemoth known as The Biltmore in the championship match up. Rounding out the Final Four were third-seeded Mellow Mushroom and fourth-seeded McGrady's Irish Pub.

But it's a new year, and none of that matters. Which bars had the best specials this year? Which bar gave you your fondest memories? Which bar gave you the fondest memories you'll never remember? Did you meet that special someone this year while you were out? Did you meet what turned out not to be that special someone? All these factors and more will play a role in crowning this year's King of the 'Ville.

The tournament seeding will be announced next Monday, April 22, with 32 bars seeded into two regions. Here's the anticipated schedule for voting:

  • Round of 32: Wednesday, April 24 (7am) through Sunday, April 28 (4pm)
  • Round of 16: Wednesday, May 1 (7am) through Sunday, May 5 (4pm)
  • Quarterfinals: Wednesday, May 8 (7am) through Sunday, May 12 (4pm)
  • Semifinals: Monday, May 13 (7am) through Tuesday, May 14 (9pm)
  • Championship: Wednesday, May 15 (7am) through Sunday, May 19 (4pm)

Note the abbreviated voting schedule for the Semifinals! This is to get to the championship voting before graduation.

This year, we're asking for your help in coordinating the seeding! Below are a list of most of the bars in Charlottesville. Nominate the bars you think deserve to make this year's tournament, and we'll take this into consideration when we decide the seeding! As noted below, if there's a bar you think should be here that we didn't include, be sure to add it at the end (check the "Other" box). Thanks, and have fun!