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April 25 Rotunda Roundup - UVA Castoff Tries to Make NFL Dreams a Reality

Peter Lalich may be on the brink of joining the NFL, the latest on UVA football recruits, and an unbelievable story out of Buffalo you will not want to miss.

Let's all join hands and give a yell for dear old U-V-A
Let's all join hands and give a yell for dear old U-V-A
Geoff Burke

Saying Goodbye to Brian Archie - Bull Run
If you get anything out of today's Rotunda Roundup, I hope it's the chance to click on this link and read this remarkable story. The University of Buffalo community was lucky to have a man like Brian Archie inspire an entire campus.

Ex-Virginia quarterback Peter Lalich works his way back to being an NFL prospect - The Washington Post
True UVA fans will remember the name Peter Lalich and shake their heads at how the ex-Wahoo QB fizzled in Charlottesville. But after a long road to redemption that brought him to to a small Pennsylvania college, Lalich looks to get his life -- and football dreams -- back on track.

From Old Virginia: recruiting board update

What's the latest with the incoming recruiting class? Which high-profile players are dreaming of Saturday afternoons at Scott Stadium, and which dare to travel to the pits of Blackburg and strap on a Hokies uniform? The latest can be found "From Old Virginia."

UVA Weekend Preview | The Key Play

The UVA-VT rivalry kicks up again this weekend, this time on the baseball diamond. The #5 ranked Hoos travel to Blacksburg to keep up their stellar play as they prep for the upcoming postseason.

Lacrosse News

Albeit a rare down year for Dom Starsia's squad, the Virginia lacrosse team still made headlines by sending three players to the All-ACC Lacrosse Team. We're tied for the most players put on the All-ACC team, so that means we should be tied for first in the standings, right? Right?!