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2013 C'ville Bar Madness - Sweet 16 Voting is Open!

Sixteen bars survived the scare of the first weekend and move on to what should be a challenging Sweet 16. The Committee takes pride that there was only one "upset" victory in the first round, as ninth-seeded Skybar took down eighth-seeded Baja Bean. Sure, a 13-seed and a 14-seed slipped through the first round, but who saw that story line coming?

Want to know the vote totals for Round One? You can find those right here.

Vote early, but not often, in each of the following 8 matchups. Hey, this is UVA, right? Let's maintain our honor and integrity and keep it to just one vote for person. Any suspicious voting trends may cause immediate disqualification without due process, because the Committee is the sole dictator and seriously, get it together.

Here is your printable bracket featuring the Sweet 16 teams (PDF).


Without further ado, here are your Round One matchups! Get your votes in and leave your comments!


No. 1 Biltmore vs. No. 9 Commonwealth Skybar

It's a classic Corner vs. Downtown Mall battle between the behemoth Biltmore with its thumbs 'n toes on one side, and relative newcomer with its fancy martinis on the other. Both bars offer a view -- Biltmore has tremendous outdoor space with views of undergraduate coeds stumbling down the street, while Skybar boasts its second-story balcony patio over the Downtown Mall.

No. 5 Michael's Bistro vs. No. 13 Fellini's #9

Fellini's waltzed their way right into the second round battles, but don't underestimate this Downtown Mall space with a neat speakeasy and frequent jazz offerings. MIchael's Bistro comes in strong with its seemingly never ending beer list and fancy entrees that even undergrads can afford.

No. 6 The Whiskey Jar vs. No. 3 St. Maarten Cafe

The Whiskey Jar offers local fare, live music, the best whiskey/bourbon offerings in Charlottesville, and stuff served out of mason jars. What's not to love? Maarten's offers a small patio area, TV screens viewable from any spot in the bar, and some pretty darn good wings. Two very different bars, two very different vibes.

No. 7 West Main vs. No. 2 Mellow Mushroom

West Main is home to a number of charity concerts and bar nights. Mellow Mushroom is home of C'ville's best trivia spot. The former has some baller double-breaded fried chicken with country gravy. The latter has an ever-changing beer selection.


No. 1 Boylan Heights vs. No. 8 McGrady's Irish Pub

Another great battle between a Corner spot in Boylan's and an anywhere-but-the-Corner place in McGrady's. Boylan is the place to go if you want to spot a UVA celebrity athlete. But if you want a bar that offers a large outdoor space, shuffle board, and other games to entertain yourselves while drinking, McGrady's is your place to go. Both bars offer ample TVs.

No. 5 Miller's Downtown vs. No. 4 South Street Brewery

Miller's IS Dave Matthew's Band! The place where DMB got its start also boasts pool tables and just a laid back, easy-going atmosphere Downtown. South Street has a great beer selection that focuses on local brews, and is traditionally a favorite amongst fourth years and graduate students.

No. 6 Three vs. No. 14 Buffalo Wild Wings

No one thought BW3s would make it this far, but a surprise story line in the first round gives the chicken wing champions a second round matchup against dance floor central Three.

No. 7 Beer Run vs. No. 2 The Virginian

The name says it all, for Beer Run, which has 17 beers on tap at any given time. The Virginian is crammed full of undergraduate students and would probably boast the highest drinks-sold to square footage ratio in Charlottesville.