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2013 C'ville Bar Madness: Final Four Voting is Open

Final Four! We gave each of the four remaining bars an opportunity to describe themselves in their own words, because if they've made it this far, they are clearly worth checking out. (We didn't give them much time to get it together, so we'll update this as we get responses in -- cut them some slack!)

Last round, the fifth-seeded Miller's Downtown took down top-seeded Boylan in what was probably the biggest upset of the tournament. Do they have enough in them to carry the torch through to the championship round over corner staple The Virginian?

On the other side of the bracket, Maarten's seems to be drumming some controversy amongst readers who continue to be surprised by the bar's success in this tournament. Will top-seeded Biltmore be able to flex its muscle over and definitively end the drama?

Just TWO DAYS to vote in this round! The votes will be tallied Tuesday night at 10:00 p.m.

Again, just one vote per person, please!

Here is your printable bracket featuring the Final Four teams (PDF).


Without further ado, here are your Final Four matchups! Get your votes in and leave your comments!


No. 1 Biltmore

Wow, we, are so thankful to be here (holding back tears)

Seriously, the Biltmore would like to thank all our supporters for their love and clicks. You crazy animals are our lifeblood - where would we be without you Survivin' locos?

We're honored just to be nominated in this contest and to stand here among these formidable adversaries. We respect the hell out of you, friends.

Buuuut unlike you, we doooo have a beach bar. Just sayin'. It's awesome. We attract a beautiful eclectic mix of C-Ville's various factions, we have arguably the best drink specials on the Corner, we have multiple levels of weird old historically significant property, we're tucked into an obscure part of Elliewood which makes us fight that much harder, not unlike Rocky... and what else? Oh yeah, we have a freaking massive outdoor area and cornhole boards and a BEACH BAR.

The Biltmore loves you baby!

No. 3 Maarten's

St. Maarten Café is proud to advance to the Final Four Round of the C-ville Bar Madness. We would like to thank all of our amazing customers that have voted for us. It is all of your support that made us not only beat out some really great places - but for us to get reopened in the first place. Maartens would not be what it is without our regulars, without our friends.

Maartens promises to provide good service, food & beverage at a good price. We are continuing the tradition of the Coconut Club so if you have not re-hung your mug - bring it back to its home!

We are open Monday through Sunday. We offer Happy Hour specials Monday - Friday from 4 - 7 and Brunch Specials on Sunday from 11 - 3. We do validate parking for one hour in both the garage and the lot. Come in this week to watch the Stanley Cup Playoffs, the sound will be on for the Caps games.

We can't wait to see everyone and hope to win the whole thing - so continue to support your favorite bar on the Corner!


No. 5 Miller's Downtown

Located on the Historic Downtown Mall, Miller's Downtown resides in one of the oldest buildings on Main St. Inside, you will notice the old display shelves and prescription drawers of the 1920's pharmacy, the old tin ceiling, the dry ice freezer box once used for the ice cream at the soda shop, and the kitchen built from the alleyway behind the building. Second floor seating for a more quite experience is available. The new third floor sports bar has Charlottesville's last quarter operated pool tables, video games, pinball machines and the only smoking allowed on the downtown mall, today's sports game with 7 HD televisions, and a newly built 25 foot full service bar. The outside cafe seating is the largest on the downtown mall and is the perfect place for people watching and having lunch selected from our updated menu. Miller's Downtown has been serving Charlottesville for more than thirty years, we welcome all walks of life and embrace the uniqueness it provides our establishment. The diversity of musicians that have played at Miller's Downtown in the last thirty years still runs strong with Live Music seven nights a week with no cover charge ever. Our kitchen prepares fresh food from 11:30 am until midnight everyday of the week. Lobster Bisque, Fried Green Tomato Salad, Jalapeno Hushpuppies, Po Boys, Jambalaya, Red beans and Rice, Deli Sandwiches and our Huge 8oz Burgers, Hand Pressed from fresh, lean ground chuck, are only some of the options that you should be sure not to miss. As our guest, we want to make sure that everything is to your satisfaction, if we miss something, please bring it to our attention, and we will surely make it right.

No. 2 The Virginian

"A Charlottesville Tradition Since 1923"

The Virginian is lauded as "one of the South's most famous eateries" in Coy Barefoot's book, The Corner. First opening its doors in 1923, The Virginian now proudly reigns as Charlottesville's oldest restaurant.

When it comes to college life, you'll be hard-pressed to find a bar that caters to its clientele more than "The V". Whether it's a hot bowl of the famous mac and cheese, or by singing "God Bless the USA" nightly at the top of our lungs, we know how to have a good time around here! Come on by for a taste of history!