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ACC Tournament Seeding: Where the Cavaliers Stand

With a weekend left there is still much to be decided for the ACC Tournament seedings.

The ACC Tournament takes over DBAP next weekend. Who is going to be seeded where?
The ACC Tournament takes over DBAP next weekend. Who is going to be seeded where?

The Cavaliers are riding a four game winning streak into Chapel Hill this weekend thanks to a sweep of Duke last weekend and a midweek thumping of VCU. With only one weekend left in the regular season it is time to look to the bigger fish to fry; mainly the ACC Tournament. (Yes, UNC is a HUGE fish, but I like the ACC tournament more.)

What do we know about the ACC Tournament right now?

  • The Coastal winner will be the #1 seed, and the Atlantic Division winner will be the #2 seed.
  • UNC or UVa will be the #1 seed (Yay!)
  • Boston College will not be in Durham
  • UVa has won the last three ACC Tournaments in Durham. Ok, not really pertinent to the seeding for next week, but an important factor to always remind everyone of.
  • The 8 teams that will be in Durham are already set (for all intents and purposes)

As you can tell, we don't know much about the seedings. There has been a lot of parity in the Conference this season and it is rearing its head with the seeds. If the season ended tonight the seeds would look like this:

  1. UNC - (20-5) (vs. UVa)
  2. FSU - (18-9) (vs. Clemson)
  3. UVa - (20-7) (@ UNC)
  4. Clemson - (17-10) (@ FSU)
  5. NC St - (16-10) (@ Duke)
  6. GT - (14-13) (@ Miami)
  7. VT - (13-14) (vs. Wake)
  8. Miami - (12-15) (vs. GT)
- For Duke to make the tournament, they would have to sweep NC St and have Miami get swept by GT (don't see either of those happening).
- For Wake to make the tournament, they need a sweep of VPISU and have Miami get swept by GT (again, don't see either happening).
- For Maryland to make the tournament, they need to start the season over again. Miami holds the tiebreaker over them. Got ya!

Now, I don't see UVa sweeping UNC this weekend (I know, I know), so UNC will wrap up the #1 seed. But, I don't think the Hoos will get swept, so UVa will wrap up the #3 seed.

Clemson travels to Tallahassee and is a game behind the Noles. FSU is 9-1 in their last 10 and Clemson is riding an 8 game winning streak. I am going to give the advantage to the Noles which will allow them to wrap up the Atlantic and the #2 seed. I think NC St sweeps the Blue Devils and allows them to jump Clemson in the standings and wrap the #4 seed and gives Clemson the #5 seed.

Georgia Tech is going to win two of the games in Miami and VPISU will sweep Wake, putting both the Yellow Jackets and Hokies at 16-14. GT took two of three from VPISU earlier in the season so they hold the tiebreaker and will take the #6 seed and the Hokies will have the #7 seed.

As pointed out above, neither Duke, Wake, nor Maryland can (likely) catch Miami, so Miami gets the #8 seed.

Pod 1: #1 UNC, #8 Miami, #4 NC St, and #5 Clemson

Pod 2: #2 FSU, #7 VPISU, #3 UVa, and #6 GT

In all, the two pods shape up quite nicely for the Hoos. NC St and Clemson are two of the hottest teams in the country, so matching them with UNC is quite the draw for the Conference. Yes, GT and VPISU are the two squads that took the season series from the Hoos, but the conference tournament is a horse of a different color and the boys already know they can take FSU down.

I'm pumped for Durham already, hope you are too.