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May 6 Rotunda Roundup - Your Final Exam Study Break

As we enter week two of finals here at UVA, it may be getting a bit quiet around grounds. However, the Rotunda Roundup is still in full effect and is your much-needed study break. So put down the books, you're probably going to fail at this point anyways (jokes).

Cramming for final exams? Tony Bennett feels your pain.
Cramming for final exams? Tony Bennett feels your pain.

Exam Break | April | 2013 Articles
Listen, I get it. I'm a first-year student at UVA, and I know the pains of finals week. Sometimes, you just need a break, and the writers at Lambeth Field have just the cure for you. Take a look at the report card of Virginia's spring sports teams to see who passed with flying colors and who should have studied harder.

Ratcliffe: UVa, ACC looking at Europe - The Daily Progress: Sports
So this is weird. ACC commish John Swofford and others have been seriously considering expanding conference games overseas to Europe. That's right, we could see Mike London in London, or Justin Anderson take flight in Ireland. I get there is a profit to be made, but still...

Exam Breakdown: ACC Baseball Storylines To Watch | InsideTheACC
ACC baseball sure has been entertaining this year. With the regular season winding down, here are some quick takes on Virginia and the rest of the conference courtesy of Inside the ACC.

The Daily Pennsylvanian :: Penn women's lacrosse to face Virginia in NCAA Tournament
Welp, at least one UVA lacrosse team will be represented in the NCAA Tournament, as the 9-9 Lady Cavaliers got a bid to the big dance. Their 18th straight tournament appearance will start with a big-time battle against the Penn Quakers. Seriously though, what kind of mascot is a Quaker?

Former U.Va. star Bryant Stith hired at Old Dominion | |
ODU's coaching staff is having a serious Wahoo reunion, as new head coach added former UVA star Bryant Stith as an assistant this past week. Stith, Virginia's all-time leading scorer, is an excellent hire for the Monarchs, who are coming off an atrocious season in which they defeated UVA. That sounds about right.