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2013 C'ville Bar Madness: Vote in the Elite Eight!

There are only eight bars remaining as we reach the second to last week of the MADNESS. Actually, it's more like the non-madness. The Committee did such an excellent job in the seeding process that there are no upset appearances in the Blue Region (the No. 4 seed was disqualified on account of hating fun), and just one upset in the Orange Region (the No. 3 seed was disqualified on the same account of hating fun).

We are watching two bars very closely to monitor habits. We are also thinking about opening up the voting in the Final Four and Championship rounds by allowing people to vote as many times as they want, in an attempt to level the playing field. What do you all think?

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. In this Elite 8 round, we offered each of the remaining bars the opportunity to describe using a thousand words -- or more precisely, one picture -- what sets their bar apart, and why they should advance to the next round. Not everyone took us up on that offer, but you can scope out the scenes below.

Again, just one vote per person, please!

Here is your printable bracket featuring the Elite 8 teams (PDF).


Without further ado, here are your Elite Eight matchups! Get your votes in and leave your comments!


No. 1 Biltmore


No. 5 Michael's Bistro


No. 2 Mellow Mushroom

[No picture submitted. Awesome bar nonetheless!]

No. 3 Maarten's

[No picture submitted. Awesome bar nonetheless!]


No. 1 Boylan Heights


No. 5 Miller's Downtown


No. 2 The Virginian


No. 6 Three