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2013 Virginia Football Roster Profile: Luke Bowanko

Today, our countdown reaches 70, which gives us another double dip. First, we take a look at senior OL Luke Bowanko. Bowanko has been jerked around a bit by the coaching staff(s). He started his career at OT, then cross trained at OT, OG and OC, then spent a season as starting RG, then a season at starting OC, and now he's moving to LG. Must be great for his development.

Luke Bowanko (#70) moves to LG, where he'll help anchor a (hopefully) improved line
Luke Bowanko (#70) moves to LG, where he'll help anchor a (hopefully) improved line

Position: OG/OC
Height: 6'6"
Weight: 295
Hometown: Clifton, Va
High School: Centreville HS
Twitter: @Lbow70

Bowanko was an OT in high school, and was rated that way by the recruiting services. Luke was a 3 star OT by all the major services, ranked #52 by Rivals and #39 by ESPN. When he arrived at UVA, he was initially slotted at OT, but during his redshirt season began seeing reps all over the line, including OC. Already 280 pounds when he entered college, Bowanko still needed to add upper body strength. His technique was solid, especially for the OT position, although he (like many young OLs) often played too high. He didn't have much experience as a pulling lineman, although he was certainly athletic enough to do it.

Entering his redshirt freshman season, Bowanko was listed as the backup RG and that is where he saw most of his action. In his sophomore season, Bowanko started every game at RG and played very well.

Entering last season, expectations for Bowanko and the OL were high. His transition to OG went so well, Bowanko was again moved, this time to OC. Bowanko's intelligence and experience at RG made him seen as the obvious choice to replace the departing Anthony Mihota. Bowanko, however, struggled at OC and the entire interior OL was a disaster for most of the season. How much of those issues were directly related to Bowanko is debatable.

During the spring, several players saw time at OC, including Bowanko. However, the current depth chart shows Bowanko back at guard (although this time on the left side). The goal was to get the 5 most talented OLs on the field, but you have to wonder if the constant changes are thwarting Bowanko's progress as a player. If he succeeds with the move back to OG, and the OL improves from last season, then we'll have our answer. If the OL continues to struggle, will Bowanko move back to OC? Back to RG? Will he see time at RT? Nobody really knows.