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2013 Virginia Football Roster Profile: Greg Gallop

In the second part of today's doubleheader, Greg Gallop walked on to the Hoos in 2010 and has stuck around for 4 years now. He's yet to dress for a game, but he's on the post-spring depth chart right now. He may not stay there once the incoming players arrive, but for a guy who was basically unrecruited, just making the chart is an accomplishment.

Position: DT
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 280
Hometown: Chester, Va
High School: Thomas Dale HS

Greg Gallop was a standout on both lines in High School, but was pretty much unrecruited. He walked on at Virginia and has stuck around, now entering his 4th year in the program. He hasn't yet dressed for a game, but he got some notice during this year's spring practice. He is listed as the 2nd backup behind Brent Urban at one DT spot.

Considering the lack of depth on the DL, it is not impossible that Gallop will play. He looked good enough in the spring; although considering our OL struggles it may not be fair to use that as a guide. There are only 5 DTs listed on the roster, although there are a few incoming players who will be slotted there.

Gallop certainly has the size to play DT. After 3 full seasons working with the S&C staff, you'd imagine he has the strength. He is almost definitely not athletic to be a real contributor at the position, but as a space-eater in the middle in running situations, Gallop could probably be ok.

It is, of course, unlikely that Gallop would play. The incoming freshmen, especially Tyrell Chavis (coming off a prep year at Fork Union) will probably jump Gallop on the depth chart. Still, he's on there for now, and that's quite the achievement for this young man.