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2013 Virginia Football Roster Profile: Pablo Alvarez

There are now 69 days remaining until season kickoff. The Hoos do not have a #69, and so once again we look back at one of the guys we missed. Junior WR Pablo Alvarez has spent his entire career at safety, and in the training room with various injuries. In total, he's played just 3 plays. He moved to WR this spring, but has a lot of competition at the position.


Position: WR/S
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 205
Hometown: Coral Gables, Fl
High School: Belen Jesuit Prep

Despite being a Florida kid, Pablo Alvarez didn't get many looks from the big Florida schools. It may have been due to the profile of his High School, which is an academic standout. Along with Virginia, Alvarez was recruited by other strong academic schools such as Duke and Northwestern. Alavarez was rated a 3-star recruit by all three recruiting services. While Scout rated him as an Athlete, ESPN and Rivals both rated him as a Safety.

Coming into Virginia, he could have been slotted at either DB spot or at WR, but was initially slotted at CB. This was largely based on need (Ras-I Dowling and Chase Minnifield were upperclassmen without much behind them). He was quickly to moved to S during the following spring after guys like Demetrious Nicholson and Brandon Phelps (then a CB) came in. Again, this was based on need, with Corey Mosley and Rodney McLeod moving on. Unfortunately, Alvarez couldn't stay healthy and ended up missing most of the season after shoulder surgery.

Fast forward to Alvarez' sophomore season, Alvarez looks poised to contribute at Safety, but injures his knee in the season opener and misses the rest of the season. Virginia's safety play was poor all season, so it isn't a stretch to assume Alvarez would've seen significant playing time. Now entering his 4th year in the program and his junior season, Alvarez has again been moved, this time to offense.

As a WR, Alvarez is an intriguing prospect. At 6'3", Alvarez is one of the tallest Virginia receivers. Alvarez has good, but not outstanding speed. In HS, Alvarez showed good hands and an ability to make tough catches in traffic. He also had enough burst and wiggle to make yards after the catch. How much of that talent remains after 3 years at DB and multiple injuries remains to be seen.

The Hoos are deeper at WR than at S, so this seems like a bit of a demotion for Alvarez. I wouldn't be surprised if Alvarez doesn't see the field at all this season, aside from special teams. I also wouldn't be surprised if Alvarez wasn't invited back for his 5th year. That would be a disappointing end to what could've been a promising career.