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2013 Virginia Football Roster Profile: Andre Miles-Redmond

As we advance our countdown, we're looking at #68 Andre Miles-Redmond. Andre was recruited as an interior OL, but was almost immediately moved to DT. This year, with a lack of depth on the DL, Andre should see plenty of playing time. He's probably still a bit raw, but has tremendous strength.


Position: DT
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 260
Hometown: Richmond, Va
High School: Hermitage HS

Miles-Redmond was rated a 3 star OG by all the recruiting services. He was ranked #42 by ESPN, and #72 by Scout. He was recruited by most of the ACC including Virginia Tech and NC State. He had played on both sides of the line in HS, so it wasn't a huge shock for him to be moved to DT. But he was recruited to play on the OL. There had even been some speculation that Andre could be the OC down the line.

Why he was moved isn't clear. He is probably a bit light for an interior OL, and perhaps was having trouble adding weight. Perhaps it was because of a perceived need on the DL. It may be as simple as his skills fit better on the DL.

For a 6'4" 260 pound guy, he doesn't really have elite athleticism. He's strong and has the ability to hold the point of attack, which is a big part of being a DT. As an OG, he had a tendency to play high, which is less of an issue at DT, especially considering his upper body strength. He's quick enough laterally to move along the line and fill a hole. But he's not likely to chase down a RB from behind. And he's likely nowhere near polished enough to have much of an impact as a pass rusher.

The Hoos do not have a lot of depth at DT right now, and that may be part of why Andre was moved. With several DT prospects coming into the program, some of that problem will be solved. With a year in the program already, Andre should be ahead of them. Therefore, he's going to get playing time behind David Dean.

In rushing situations, Miles-Redmond will be able to occupy blockers, opening up the play for the LBs to make tackles. He'll also make a few plays on his own. I do not, however, foresee Miles-Redmond getting much playing time in passing situations. The Hoos will likely go with quicker players, perhaps moving a DE (Michael Moore?) to the inside.