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2013 Virginia Men's Lacrosse In One Image

Graph of sadness, womp womp


Last month I penned the 2013 season postmortem for the men's lacrosse team. This week, SB Nation's lacrosse site College Crosse put up a much prettier infographic encapsulating the entire season across the whole of Division I. Part of that infographic is the perfect high-altitude view of what happened for Virginia in 2013.


What you're looking at there is the weekly USILA poll performance of every team to make an appearance this season. Circled in red are our dear Hoos, opening at #7, rising to #6 after three victories to open the season, then hitting the tailspin that included a six-game losing streak.

So if Mark Cockerton or Chris LaPierre or Dan Marino/Rhody Heller need an inspirational poster for next season, might I suggest taking this to your local Kinko's.