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2013 Virginia Football Roster Profile: Jeb Byrne

We've now passed under 7 weeks remaining until kickoff. On day 48, we look at Jeb Byrne, because the Hoos do not have a #48. A walk-on redshirt freshman and the 4th string LS, Byrne isn't going to sniff the field this year. He probably will not travel to road games. However, he'll keep working and in a couple of years, he'll be competing for the #1 LS job.

Position: LS
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 210
Hometown: McLean, Va
High School: Georgetown Prep/Cushing Academy
Twitter: @TheRealJebByrne

Jeb Byrne was a QB in High School, but wasn't good enough nor athletic enough to play the position at a high level. He was also a baseball star, and could possibly have played college baseball. Since he was also a long-snapper in HS, he tried out and made the team as a reserve LS.

Just a redshirt freshman, Byrne is currently listed as the 4th string LS. Not exactly a high profile player. With a couple of juniors and a sophomore ahead of him, his status doesn't seem likely to change any time soon. The Hoos also have a verbal commitment from a 2014 recruit who has LS experience. It remains to be seen if the Hoos will ask him to snap. If not, Byrne could be looking at a chance to be the #1 guy in a few years.