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2013 Virginia Football Roster Profile: Israel Vaughan

In part 2 of today's double feature, we're looking at the second #45 on the UVA roster, Israel Vaughan. Vaughan is from Richmond, and his brother played for Coach London at U of R and helped him win an FCS title in 2008. This surely helped Israel make the team, but make no mistake - he has skills of his own.

Position: FB
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 220
Hometown: Richmond, Va
High School: Lee-Davis HS
Twitter: @izzy_804
Year: RS Freshman

Israel Vaughan was an All-District QB in HS, along with a record setting track athlete. He was not recruited to play football, but was able to make the team as a walk-on last year. It may have helped that his brother, Joshua, played for Coach London at Richmond (and is now on the Atlanta Falcons).

Vaughan knew he wasn't going to play QB in college, but FB seems like a good position for him. He's not particularly big for a FB, but he has very good speed for a 220 pound back. He's also just a football player. That sounds very unspecific, but some guys just belong on a football field, so you find a position for them.

Like most schools, the Hoos don't heavily recruit FBs, often just finding one on the roster. This is the case with Vincent Croce, who was moved to FB this offseason. Croce is the only scholarship player listed at FB, and he's first on the depth chart. Vaughan is listed 3rd on the depth chart (as an OR with Sammy Macfarlane), but he's just a redshirt freshman and nothing is expected of him yet.

Vaughan is likely to begin his career solely on special teams. That may not begin this season, but then again it may. In a couple of years, depending on the development of Croce, and some other players who may end up at FB, Vaughan could potentially see some time on the field there. He's got the skills.