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2013 Virginia Football Roster Profile: Jeremy Dollin

Jeremy Dollin was on the roster as #42 when this profile was first written. He has since been re-assigned to #98. The plan had been to profile Dollin today, on day 41, as the Hoos did not have a #41. With the new roster having been released this week, freshman LB Connor Wingo-Reeves is #41, but we're saving the incoming player profiles for next month. So, we're sticking with our original plan of profiling Dollin. Nothing has changed other than his jersey #.

Dollin could see some time at TE this year
Dollin could see some time at TE this year

Position: TE
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 245
Hometown: Cincinnati, Oh
High School: Indian Hill HS
Year: Redshirt Junior

Jeremy Dollin probably shouldn't be in this position. He was born with a condition called craniosynostosis, a condition that causes an infant's brain to stop growing. He was hit in the head with a baseball bat when he was 5, and doctors found the problem and were able to correct. Getting hit in the head with a baseball bat was the probably the best thing that ever happened to Jeremy. Not too many people can say that. Jeremy is the first person to have surgery to correct craniosynpostosis and then play college football.

Dollin played DE and TE in HS, but was largely ignored by FBS schools. He wasn't given a single scholarship offer, and he wouldn't taken one if it had been offered. He was offered a preferred walk-on position from a few Big Ten and SEC schools. He chose Virginia, largely because of academics. Dollin played DE and TE in high school, but was slotted at TE immediately upon enrolling at Virginia. He simply isn't strong enough or explosive enough to play DE at this level.

As a TE, Dollin provides an interesting look. He's certainly big enough for the position, and he has good speed. He's not, at this point, strong enough to be an inline blocker. He's got enough speed and athleticism to work as a receiver over the middle, and enough size to block on the edge against a LB or DB.

He's listed as the 4th TE on the depth chart, and obviously the Hoos are not going to use 4 TEs at once. However, considering how raw Rob Burns is at TE, if one of the top 2 TEs is hurt, Dollin could see the field. Last season, he saw action in the Richmond game on special teams. That could happen again.