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Coach London Sheds Some Light on the QB Position

With training camp coming up next week, Mike London was in Greensboro for the ACC Media Days. He spoke about a number of topics, the most interesting being the QB position.

David Watford looks ready to lead this team.
David Watford looks ready to lead this team.

First off, lets review the part that we already knew: Redshirt sophomore David Watford would enter training camp as the #1 QB. We've known this since spring practice ended in April. We also knew that Watford would be competing with redshirt freshman Greyson Lambert for the starting gig. We also know the relative strengths and weakness of the two, at least when it comes to play on the field.

None of that is really all that interesting.

But London went further. He made it clear that there will be no QB rotation this season. A starting QB will be named during training camp, announced publically, and that player will be given the majority of the snaps. This is music to the ears of most Virginia fans.

Furthermore, London talked about Watford's growth, both as a player and as a person.

When Watford played as a true freshman, he was not ready. You could see it when he was on the field. Even when the play was a simple QB draw, Watford seemed rushed. During the spring game, in a simplified offense that took away much of Watford's strengths, he still seemed much more relaxed. He also looked dangerous with his feet.

The most interesting part of London's talk was about Watford's leadership. Watford received the most votes from his fellow players as a team leader. That is perhaps the most telling thing we've heard so far. Being a QB is as much about leading your team as it is about reading defenses and throwing passes. A team that doesn't believe in its QB is not going to succeed.

Mike London had some Navy SEALS come in to help train the players, and those guys know a thing or two about leadership. They told London that Watford was the one of the best leaders on the team.

It is impossible to read London's remarks and not feel that Watford is the right QB for this team. Greyson Lambert has skills, and may end up being a great QB. But for this team, right now, David Watford is the man.