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2013 Virginia Football Roster Profile: Blake Blaze

Today marks 33 days until kickoff. The Hoos have a #33, freshman CB Kirk Garner. Once again, we're saving the new guys for a bit later, so today we're taking a look at junior LS Blake Blaze. Blaze was listed as a TE during his first 2 years in the program, but is now the primary backup to Matt Fortin. Blaze is also the student representative to the UVA BOV and a Jefferson Scholar.

Blake Blaze

Position: TE/LS
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 210
Hometown: Barnestable, Ma
High School: Barnestable HS
Year: Junior

The award for best name on the team goes to Blake Blaze. Blake also wins the award for most accomplished off the field. That is because, along with being a reserve long-snapper on the football team, Blaze was selected as the new student representative on the University Board of Visitors. He's also a Jefferson Scholar.

Blaze is a very good athlete, having played basketball and tennis in HS along with playing TE, OT and P for the football team. He's actually a very accomplished tennis player. Blaze is capable of being a decent TE. At just 210 pounds he's a bit small for the position, but he'd be a plus athlete for the position. He'd certainly have trouble as an inline blocker. But he could handle the receiving parts of the position.

Originally listed as a TE, Blaze has moved to LS. While the move is merely on paper, it probably reflects the increased depth the Hoos have at DE, with Rob Burns moving from DE.

Through 3 seasons, Blaze has not yet seen the field for the Hoos, although he did dress for every game last year. This year, he's the backup long-snapper, which means he'll likely do the same again. If something where to happen to Matt Fortin, Blaze would step into that role.

Most likely, Blaze won't see the field this year. And if he does, it won't be the most important thing he does.