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2013 Virginia Football Roster Profile: Kyle Dockins

We've now reached 8 weeks until kickoff. That's 56 days, and the Hoos do not have a #56. So, we're profiling redshirt freshman WR Kyle Dockins. Dockins is a big kid who could've been slotted at TE. He hasn't yet been able to add enough bulk to play TE at this level, so he remains at WR. His best path to the field, however, is putting on enough muscle to be a TE. There's simply too many WRs on the roster ahead of him.


Position: WR
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 205
Hometown: Virginia Beach, Va
High School: Landstown HS
Twitter: @K_87_D

Kyle Dockins was an interesting prospect coming out of Virginia Beach. He was rated as a 2 star TE by Rivals, as a 2 star WR by Scout and as a 3 star Athlete by ESPN. The Hoos recruited him as a WR/TE combo, and he also received interest from Pitt and Georgia. He could've fit as a DE or OLB as well.

Right now, Dockins is listed at WR. This is largely because he hasn't been able to really add any bulk to his frame. He's got decent speed for a TE, but he'd be a bit slow for a WR. He has very good size for a WR, and has the ability to go up for a ball. He also has good hands and catches the ball well without letting it get into his body.

As a WR, Dockins isn't likely to be a deep threat. He can be a possession guy, able to use his size and quickness to get open against a zone. As a TE, he'd be dangerous on seam or post routes because he'll be faster and quicker than LBs or bigger than Safeties guarding him. However, at this point, he isn't capable of playing as an inline TE, making him purely a WR.

A common refrain during these profiles has been the Hoos' depth at WR. Once again, this comes into play. Dockins simply isn't needed on the field right now. This gives him two more full seasons to grow into his body, and develop into either a dangerous TE or a possession WR. He'll have plenty of competition at either position.