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2013 Virginia Football Roster Profile: Justin Renfrow

We're still counting down to kickoff, and we're now at just 54 days. In honor of that, we look at senior DT Justin Renfrow. Once a 260 pound, athletic DE, Renfrow is now a massive 310 pound DT. In 3 seasons, Renfrow has accumulated just 18 tackles. To put it mildly, he's been a bit of a disappointment.

Position: DT
Height: 6'6"
Weight: 310
Hometown: Morrisville, Pa
High School: William Penn Charter School
Twitter: @freezy54

Coming out of HS, Renfrow was a 260 pound DE. He was rated as a 3 star recruit by all the recruiting services. However, while Rivals and ESPN both ranked him the #43 DE, Scout ranked him the #21 TE in the nation. Aside from Virginia, he got looks from Pitt, Stanford, Duke and UNC. Renfrow had considered attempting to play basketball in college as well as football. Renfrow had briefly been a teammate of Sean Singletary and Sammy Zeglinski.

While he could've played TE in college, most schools looked at him as a DE. By the time he'd finished his redshirt season, he was up to 270 and was listed at DT. He played a handful of games during his freshman and sophomore campaigns, combining for 7 tackles and 1.5 TFL. Last year, he played in every game and totaled 11 tackles.

This year, Renfrow is the backup DT behind Brent Urban. Renfrow is one of only 3 DTs on the roster who have any playing experience. Renfrow is also the biggest of the DTs (and it's really not even close). Against teams with big interior OLs, Renfrow could provide a boost, just occupying blockers. Despite his size, he's still a very good athlete and quicker than you'd think. He's not going to chase down a QB from behind (something he could do when he came into college), but he can bust up a play in the middle just by getting his large body in the way.

Frankly, Renfrow's career has been a bit of a disappointment. He never emerged as a playmaker and hasn't ever been considered for a starting position. He will get plenty of playing time this year, just because of a lack of options. But he's not the player that Urban is, and with a couple of solid DTs in the incoming freshman class, Renfrow is going to have to play well early in order to avoid getting jumped on the depth chart by the younger guys.