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Wil Wahee Lost For Season with ACL Tear

Coach London announced today that CB Wil Wahee is out for the season. It is a big loss, as Wahee was impressing the staff and pressing for reps with the defense. In his stead, there are a couple of candidates for the 4th CB spot, including some true freshmen.

The usually jovial London likely wasn't smiling when he heard the news about Wahee.
The usually jovial London likely wasn't smiling when he heard the news about Wahee.

Originally slotted at S, Wahee had moved to CB during the spring and really impressed the coaching staff. The redshirt freshman had moved up onto the 2-deep and was in line for reps as the 4th CB. Just 175 pounds or so when he arrived in Charlottesville, Wahee needed to work hard in the weight room in order to put on enough muscle to be able to compete with bigger WRs.

With Wahee out for the season, the door is open for true freshman CBs Kirk Garner and Tim Harris. Garner, in particular, has been impressive in spring practice, making plays on the ball and providing good coverage. Harris is a highly touted prospect who, at 6'2" tall, gives a different sort of look than most of the CBs on the roster. Harris, however, has dealt with some minor injuries during camp, and may not be quite ready when the season begins in 2 weeks.

Right now, the CB depth chart probably looks a bit like this:

CB1: Demetrious Nicholson, Divante Walker, Kirk Garner

CB2: Drequan Hoskey, Maurice Canady, Tim Harris

Canady and Hoskey are basically co-starters, and one of them will be the first CB off the bench and will come in for nickel packages. In the nickel, Hoskey would move inside and Canady will play on the outside.

Moore and Garner are competing to be Nicholson's backup. Once again, Canady/Hoskey would be the primary backup. The winner of the Moore/Garner competition would only come in for nickel packages should Nicholson be unavailable. Rijo Walker could also potentially play some CB in a pinch.