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2013 Virginia Football Roster Profile: Willem Van Reesema

Redshirt freshman PK Willem Van Reesema has a big leg. Big enough that he was a captain of his HS team, not a common occurrence for a kicker. He's probably not going to be kicking FGs for this year's team, but he could possibly handle some KOs.

Position: PK
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 190
Hometown: Virginia Beach, Va
High School: Ocean Lakes, Va
Year: RS Freshman
Twitter: @willemvanreese

Van Reesema was HS teammates with starting DE Eli Harold. Harold was a 5 star recruit. Van Reesema was not. Harold played in every game during his freshman year. Van Reesema did not sniff the field. Harold is listed as a starter on the depth chart. Van Reesema is 3rd on the depth chart at PK. Other than that, they are about the same.

Van Reesema isn't a bad athlete. He played soccer in HS as well as football. He was also a team captain on the football team, perhaps the first time a kicker has ever been named captain (he was also the punter). As a kicker, his best asset is his leg strength. He's the type of guy who could be used on kickoffs, because he can kick it deep for touchbacks, or kick it high to give the cover guys time to get downfield.

Ian Frye handled the KOs last year, but our KO team was terrible. With Frye being the primary FG guy, there's a good chance the KOs will go to somebody else. Dylan Sims is the 2nd PK, and he also has a big leg. The staff, including new special teams coordinator Larry Lewis, will try all the guys out on KOs and determine who is the best bet. Van Reesema has as good a shot as anybody.