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Virginia Lacrosse Hires Joe Starsia

Colgate Assistant to be new Assistant Coach.

Coach will no longer be the only Starsia on staff.
Coach will no longer be the only Starsia on staff.

The University of Virginia announced today the hiring of Joe Starsia, Assistant Coach at Colgate University, to fill the spot vacated by former assistant John Walker. Back in mid August, we here at STL reported Coach Walker moving on to Princeton, and even threw out a few rumored possibilities to take over, but boy was I wrong. Honestly I'm a little ashamed I did not think of Joe Starsia initially.

In case you had not guessed it yet, Joe is, in fact, the son of Virginia Head Coach Dom Starsia. Joe is a phenomenal hiring for the position, not only because of his familiarity with the Virginia program and coaching staff, but because of his previous experience.

Starsia coached two seasons as the Assistant Coach at Colgate University, including 2012 which saw the Red Raiders ranked as high as 8th and west-coaster Peter Baum walking away with the Tewaaraton Trophy.  Before Colgate, J. Starsia manned the sidelines at Dickinson College, a very respectable DIII program in Pennsylvania. Joe Starsia began his coaching career at his alma mater, Lynchburg, where he played as a defenseman (and where incoming defensive transfer Joe Lisicky hails from).  He will be filling Walker's role as defensive coordinator.

Now I just need a nickname to differentiate between Coach Starsia and son. Little Starsia? J. Stars? Junior?