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New Virginia Basketball Committment: SF Isaiah Wilkins

In a surprise move, Isaiah Wilkins committed to Tony Bennett at the Hoos following his official visit this weekend. Wilkins had flown under the radar and wasn't even known to many Virginia fans.

How much would Tony Bennett love it if Isaiah Wilkins turns into the player his step-dad was?
How much would Tony Bennett love it if Isaiah Wilkins turns into the player his step-dad was?

Dominique WIlkins was an NBA superstar and is in the National Basketball Hall of Fame. His step-son, Isaiah, hopes to follow in Nique's footsteps. That journey will apparently begin in Charlottesville in 2014, according to this tweet that Wilkins sent out yesterday.

Wilkins is a member of the Rivals150, ranking as the 123rd best player in the nation. They rate him 3 stars. ESPN rates him as just a 2 star prospect, and the #62 SF in the nation. Wilkins is unranked by the Scout, but they rate him as a 3 star prospect.

Wilkins is an outstanding athlete who is still developing his game. Right now much of his offense comes in transition, which obviously won't continue at Virginia. Wilkins does have a solid mid-range jumper, although he doesn't have a particularly quick release right now.

Wilkins' strength is his defense. He's a very active defender, with long arms that enable him to guard both 3s and 4s. He's even quick enough to guard some 2s. He's a very quick leaper, which combined with his long arms makes him a good shot blocker.

Wilkins is 6'8", but weighs just 200 pounds. He'll need to build some muscle mass in order to bang on the interior. Fans may remember that Akil Mitchell came in at a similar size, and has become one of the top post players in the ACC. Wilkins has the same potential.

Wilkins is a project. He's still developing. If he can develop his ball skills and his jumper, he could potentially be a 3 or even a stretch 4 for the Hoos. But, based on his current skillset, his position will be in the post. To get there, he needs to work on his rebounding, his defensive positioning and his body.

Actually, that last thing should be his focus. He really just needs to get stronger. He's athletic enough and smart enough that Tony will find a place for him. But he needs to get stronger.